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Create a Safety Program

If you don't have an established written safety program we have several programs below for you to choose from. You will need to edit the program to meet your company's exposures. A good place to start is the "Policy Statement" and add specific programs after that. If you have any questions please reach out to our safety department via Ask A Safety Consultant or calling 385-351-8103.

WCF Insurance has a large library of helpful safety resources. You have access to safety posters, safety meeting resources, checklists, videos, and much more. These resources will help enhance your safety program. To access this information go to the safety resources page.

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
Burns and Scalds
Confined Space Program
Confined Space Program for Construction
Crane Hoist Safety
Deep Fat Fryers
Driver Fatigue Prevention
Emergency Action Plan
Excavation and Trenching
Fall Protection Program
First Aid
Forklift and Power Industrial Truck Safety Program
Freezer Safety
Hand and Portable Tool Safety Program
Hazard Communication Safety Plan
Hazardous Chemicals
Hearing Conservation Program
Heat and Cold Stress Prevention Plan
Heat Safety Program
Hot Work Welding Safety
Kitchen Equipment
Knife Safety and Cut Prevention
Ladder Safety
Lockout Tagout Program
Machine Guarding Program
Motor Vehicle Safety Program
Personal Protective Equipment
Policy Statement
Respiratory Protection Program
Slips, Trips, Falls
Tractor Safety Policy
Welding Safety Program

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